If you are a Vegan, like me, it is hard to admit that we need some supplements of the stuff that is in "meat". Since Humans are originally Omnivores and not Herbivores, it is necessary to investigate this. Science is evolving, as are we!

B12 deficiency has serious consequences  

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Vegans and Vegetarians should
take a (daily) B12-supplement
itamin B12 comes on top of the Vegan Supplement Checklist, this because vegetable food does NOT contain any B12 (also not in tempeh, parsley, miso, seaweed etc.)
Our body can not make any B12 out of it's own.
Adults can have a B12 reserve of about 3000 micrograms, though an amount which can last for years (we loose about 0.05-0.2% of the storage daily) we should be aware that vegans do not restock themselves and vegetarians not enough. Depending on your lifestyle (smoking, use of medicines) your stock will be depleted in a longer or shorter period.

The only vegan sources of B12 are till here B12-pills, -drops or -injections, their source is that of bacteria. B12 producing bacteria are especially selected and factory cultured in huge boilers.
I use myself the vegan Solgar B12 pills, available in 100mcg, 1000mcg.

The US Recommended Dietary Allowances for B12:

0-5 months0.4
6-11 months0.5
1-3 years0.9
4-8 years1.2
9-13 years1.8
14 years+2.4

The three most important consequences that can occur by a lack of B12 are:
1 braked cell division, which can lead to; anemia, impaired functioning of the intestines, resulting in lack of appetite and weight loss. Further, there is an increased risk of inflammation in esophagus, mouth, tongue and urine leader.
2 damage to the nervous system. This may, among other express as a tingling sensation in the ends of arms and legs. It may also lead to insensitivity to touch, temperature, pain and impaired balance and coordination, and even in severe cases paralysis. In addition vision can deteriorate.
3 mental disorders, including depression, fatigue, indifference, anxiety, reduced concentration, psychosis, forgetfulness, confusion and irritability. The voice may become confused.

If you want to read more about B12;
What every Vegan should know about B12 from VeganOutreach 

Vegetarian Society; B12 Information Sheet
For Dutch readers you can downlowd a book of Michel Post; Vitamine B12 en Veganisme, een literatuurstudie.


Introduction to the Vegan Supplement Checklist  

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Convinced of my vegan lifestyle, out of respect of animal life, I want to promote veganism on the web.
By looking around on the internet how other people write about their vegan lives I mainly found vegan blogs about vegan cooking. Though it is always useful to expand your daily vegan meals and to try out new ingredients, I find it necessary to cover more on nutritional needs.
 There still appear cases in the news of people, mainly vegan children, that do suffer shortage of certain vitamins with all the consequences of this.

With this blog I want to develop a checklist with all the necessary supplements, easily to be followed by everyone trying to live an as healthy vegan and vegetarian life as possible.

Keep on questioning your vegan diet 

Keep on asking yourself the following questions;

Do I get all the vitamins and minerals I need through my plant based diet + supplements that I already take?

Which supplements I certainly need?
Because not all nutrients are found in plant based food or naturally manufactured in our body.
Which supplements I might need?
Because your diet might not be expanded enough, we need to eat a wide range of food to meet all our needs.
Some of use need extra; children, pregnant women and people with certain physical problems.

What are the (best) vegan supplements for those vitamins and minerals I am lacking?

I will keep on investigating all the aspects that are needed to stay healthy as a vegan adult and how to grow healthy vegan children.

I hope that vegan and vegetarian people will find the necessary information on this blog and if not point me out what is lacking in the vegan supplement checklist!



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